I have been going to Janet for over a year now and it has been so much more than I could have imagined. Not only am I pain free, but Janet is slowly correcting some physical damage that I thought I would have to live with. Janet's knowledge of the body and her passion to help through massage is truly a gift.

Thank you,



I have been visiting Janet Hellweg for massage therapy for a little over one year and feel that it is the only thing that has helped me with my lower back issues.   I have scoliosis and arthritis in the S1 L4-5 areas and had previously tried cortisone injections as well as Physical Therapy for relief. 

I feel that Janet has tremendous knowledge of the skeletal and muscular areas and is very skilled at targeting the affected areas. 

For the past six months, I have kept a standing, weekly appointment and will keep it up as long as I am able.  As I stated, her work on me has given me the only relief that I have found. 

In addition, her work on my arthritic hands has given me back some of the flexibility that  I was losing. 

I cannot recommend her work strongly enough.  I personally have sent at least 3 friends to see her. 






I am pleased to recommend Janet of Lightpath Massage as the best resource for anyone needing a therapeutic massage program. 

My requirement for superior massage therapy is tied to my travel schedule in planes and car trips every week plus the cell phone and laptop ergonomic issues that lead to stiff necks, backs and restrictions in movements. 

My outside work passions include guitar and golf with both these activities suffering when my back, hips, neck, etc. are out of whack. 

The results for me with Janet with a weekly (if travel allows) regimen include a drop in my golf handicap from 10 to a low of 5.5 this year and adding about 10 yards per club. 

My guitar playing is now more comfortable and effective as I can practice and play for hours where I used to cramp up. 

I strongly recommend Janet.





I have been going to Janet for years, and the reason why I keep going back? She focuses on fixing the root of the problem or pain you are having. Janet is well versed on the human body and knows exactly what trigger points will release certain muscles. Not only is every massage a relaxing experience, but I always leave feeling physically better than when I arrived. If you are a lover of deep tissue massage, then Janet is the right therapist for you. She is a true expert at her craft!