About Me

Hi Folks,


Since, I will be helping you manage your aches and pains and other restrictions, I want you to know a little of my background.   After receiving my certification of 600+ hours of training in western massage, I wanted to continue learning more on how I can help eliminate various types of pain. Everything is about proper alignment of the body in space. Traumas occur in different degrees from the moment of birth till present day throwing the body out of alignment and generating cycles of pain and injury.  These restrictions can be cause by macro traumas such as accidents or injuries and micro traumas such as daily work habits.  My goal is to bring the body back into alignment by releasing the restrictions in the fascia or webbing or interconnective tissue of the body. 


My biggest influences are from Rolfers, Hellerworkers, osteopaths, and others who teach their research of movement and fascia.  I earned my 96-hour certification in Myofascial Release Massage through Howard Rontal, father of Myofascial Release Massage and a Hellerworker.  Hellerwork is a gentler form of Rolfing.  Both forms of bodywork are about aligning the body in space.  Thomas Meyers, a Rolfer, has research and written extensively about body alignment and tensgivity.  He is consider the father of Anatomy Trains where the body is consider a system of kinesiology or movement along fascial lines of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bone. 


With my focus on the Alignment of the Body I have been studying the works of many practioners and have now focus on three various osteopaths, Leon Chatow from England, Perrier Barrel from France, and Eric Dalton from the States (Eric Dalton is a Rolfer who study osteopathic muscular skeleton manipulation). Leon Chatow has produced three great books on three great modalities, Neuromuscular Therapy, Positional Release Techniques, and Muscle Energy Techniques.  I have achieved my 96-hour certification in Neuromuscular Therapy through Jeff Muladeen, who study under Thomas Meyers.  In Neuromuscular Therapy the body is regarded as acupressure points.  Trigger Point Therapy, Pin n Stretch, and PFN all use pressure points in holding or adjunct movement to gain release of trauma in the tissues, restore balance, and achieve alignment.


Alignment is affected by what goes on inside the body as well.  What affects the outside, affects the inside and what affects the inside, affects the outside.  Pierre Barrel has continued to refine the hands-on Japanese modality of working with the organs to eliminate pain and restrictions in the body to bring about balance and alignment in space.  96-hour certification in Visceral Manipulation involves the hands listening to the mobility and motility of each organ, their tendons and ligaments surrounded in fascia, and their relationship to each other.  The focus is for the hands to listen to the body’s story and release the restrictions surrounding the organ, thus freeing the organ to perform at its optimum giving the body more painless freedom of movement in its alignment.  To fully understand this modality one must fully know Anatomy.


Eric Dalton who fathered Myofascial Skelton, an 120 hours certification, approach to bodywork primary uses a combination of positional release and muscle energy techniques to bring the body close to or back to its painless former range of movement.  This approach is based on kinesiology and orthopedic approaches to the body.  The patient is required to perform certain stretches and exercises to maintain this work.  With the 80 hours certification of Whitney Lowes Orthopedic assessment and Massage I found Eric Daltons work complements kinesiology aspect of dysfunction in the body. 


To round off my practice I found energy work such as Reiki helpful in addressing those blocks that occur to the auric part of the body that prevents me from working on the body and head or leads me to the part of the body that must be unlock for the body to respond to any type of hands on modalities.   Reiki is a Japanese healing art that uses the chakra system to unlock blocks in the body’s energy field.  This is very useful modality for anyone who has had radiation treatments, electro shock treatments, or encounter high rates of electrical energy.


I am always following my intuition and studying to understand what I encounter in my work.  I do not know anything about you and your pain till I observe your movement and my hands touch your body. The body relays information telling me what the pain is and where the source lies, and you tell me how and when it happen.  I hope this has help you understand a little of what I do.